Staying Relevant and Value-Added

As we prepare to pause at the end of a tumultuous year, let's take time to thoughtfully reflect. In today's economy, your business will need to continually ask and answer three types of critical questions in order to stay in business and thrive to meet customer needs:

1. What is the mission of your organization? For what purpose do you exist? When might your mission potentially expire due to a change in economic/customer/consumer needs?

2. How would you know that any changes you make (to your mission, products, services, or processes) will lead to improvement? (Measures)

3. What ACTUAL changes can you make in 2020 (and beyond) that will lead to measurable improvement?

Your answers set the stage for planning small-scale changes that lead to efficient implementation, proving effective by meeting your bottom-line business goals (measures you setup in advance).

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