To Decor or Not to Decor - The Basics

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

When deciding on whether or not it's time to decorate or re-decorate your space, the first 3 questions will enable key decision making that save you time and money.

1. What is the desired purpose or function for the space I want to decorate?

2. For what purpose is my space CURRENTLY being used?

3. What mood do I want to elicit with my space?

Examples might include: Relaxation, Creativity, or Productivity.

Form follows Function. Investing in decor that will not facilitate the desired purpose and mood for your space will result in wasted time, effort and financial investments. Once you have answered these three basic questions, you are ready to plan. If you need help, however, these questions prepare you for a FREE consultation to dive deeper into the functionality and purpose for your space and then you're ready to decorate!

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